Love, Love, Love, Lovebox…

It’s the festival that turns the whole of Hackney into one big carnival, you can barely blink for being blinded by a sequin. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the biggest dates of the year for the East London social calendar. As Victoria Park villagers clog up their Facebook feed with grumbles and indigantion at the disruption to their normal weekend routine, the rest of London are gathering on the periphery of the park clutching carrier bags full of cans so heavy they could be used as anchors for Roman Abramovich’s yacht. Yes it can only be, the one and only, Lovebox Festival.


This year we were lucky enough to be involved, and had our concession in the Pop Tart Boutique. You may of seen Pop Tart Boutique at your favourite festival, they tend to get about a bit. It’s everyones favouritIMG_7931 (5)e one stop shop for all of your festival wear, headed up by the team behind Winterville and the Wick marketplace. Think glitter make up, sequins, vintage and enough lycra to make Mr Motivator froth at the mouth, and that pretty much sums up the vibe.

After a very early start and lots of heavy lifting, whoever said fashion was glamorous is telling you big fat porky pies. Our stall was good to go just after midday, as the first revellers began to swagger through the gates, in search of cold beer and shade. Indeed, shade was something we were very thankful for as the temperature nudged towards the late twenties and we noticed just how many boys had stupidly decided to wear jeans.

IMG_7932Boys are always under the impression they can’t go wrong with jeans and a tee, well today was not one of those days. Like many traders we had come prepared with a trusty pair of scissors and set to work tending to the male contingency of Lovebox, we wouldn’t have turned them down anyway but the desperation in their eyes was palpable, particularly with the sweat dripping down their little faces. It was a win win situation all round really as we got to take home an abundance of excess denim for our reworked collection and the boys got to flounce around with their legs out. We were going to put an open call out on social media for anyone else that needed outfit amendments due to the heat but in true festival fashion we had no 3G between the hours of 1pm and 10pm.


It’s safe to say we had a fantastic day, great vibes, great weather and we even got to have a little boogie to the legendary LCD Soundsystem. If you didn’t visit the churros stand then what were you doing? and if you were accosted by an Irish man with a skinhead telling you how gorgeous you were then I’m afraid you were one of many. Big love and hugs to all involved and big up the Pop Tart team. Until next year…


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