Music we love…

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We wanted to share some of the music we love, some of the music we’ve been listening to at Enchanted Rebels HQ and some girls that we think should be on everyone’s radar. Watch out world….incoming…

  1. Anne-Marie – Do it right

Anne-Marie has been on the periphery for a while, having toured extensively with a little known act called Rudimental, she’s now going it alone and her solo stuff is bangin. Think R&B infused beats with a kick ass attitude. We’ve had ‘Do it right’ on repeat here at the Enchanted Rebels HQ for a while and think you should too.


  1. GeOrGiA – Move Systems 

In an interview with The Guardian last year GeOrGiA described herself as a bit of a melting pot, it is easy to see the influence MIA has had on her sound yet it is still refreshingly unique. After admiring her drumming skills at a recent gig we were not surprised to learn she previously had a stint as the drummer for Kate Tempest, she is seriously fierce with those sticks.


3.The Pearl Harts – Black Blood

These girls rock! Literally! Sara and Kirsty are the female duo that have seen comparisons to Rock duo of the moment, Royal Blood. They recently supported Garbage on their European tour and had a guest slot on TFI Friday. They rocked the show with some seriously heavy guitar rifts and banging of the drums. Their debut album is under way thanks to a crowdfunder campaign  and we predict big things for these two.


4. Alessia Cara – Here

Ok so with over 100 millions hit in just over twelve months we feel like this girl is already making some serious waves. The smoke may of only just settled on her DefJam label deal but she’s already shared a stage with Taylor Swift and drawn comparisons to Ariana Grande. We’ve had this song on repeat for a while, it’s pretty awesome and the numbers surely speak for themselves.


5. Frances – Let it out.

Going through a break up or just generally feel like pouring your heart out? Have you completely rinsed Adele? Well then its time for Frances, let her help you to let it out. She may of just missed out on the Brits Critics Choice Award to Jack Garrett but we reckon the journey has only just begun for this young lady.


6. Femme – Light me up

Femme a.k.a Laura Bettinson a.k.a the pink pixie crop queen, only released this little number at the beginning of the year and has already had close to 250,00 hits on Youtube. We suggest giving it a listen whilst you’re doing some cooking like preparing breakfast for your housemates of a Saturday morning and bopping that hangover away.


7. Dua Lipa – Be the one 

Be the one indeed, we think this is the one that definitely has to go on the getting ready to go out playlist. Drink in one hand, mascara wand in the other, boogying in the bedroom with the girls. This screams Saturday night fun to us, we love it.


8. Eli and Fur – Your Eyes

Back in 1966 James Brown sang ‘This is a man’s world’ and if you like House music this statement still rings true since it’s probably possible to count most of the major female acts around at the moment on one hand. The latest release from the  London based DJ duo is another one for the getting ready to go out playlist. It’s dark, it’s moody, it’s groovy. Turn it up loud.


  1. Adi – Pink Pillz

We’re not wanting to detract from the fact this girl is seriously talented but can we just say HAIR GOALS? This girl is seriously smashing the rainbow hair trend! Originally hailing from Jerusalem the singer/rapper has been around for a while and we are loving this track, it has one hell of a beat.

10. Du Blonde – Black Flag

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the city that brought us Geordie Shore, Alan Shearer, Newcastle Brown Ale and now, Du Blonde. The attitude and sass that emanates from this girl is almost overbearing, almost, if she wasn’t so god damn cool. If you’re a fan of The Distillers and The Hole then you’ll love this track.


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