WOTW: Winnie Harlow

We’ll be writing about one woman every week that we find awesome. They will be awesome for many different reasons, they might be, writers, actresses, scientists or activists. They’ll be from all walks of life, they’ll be interesting, inspiring and they’ll be absolutely killing it in whatever they do. We hope you can channel their awesomeness to aid and inspire you. 

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow is the 22yr old Canadian that burst onto our radar’s via America’s Next Top Model back in 2014. She was scouted for the show by none other than Tyra Banks via her Instagram account and made it to the final six of that season. Her looks are distinctive due in part to suffering from the skin condition Vitiligo. She has spoken openly about the bullying she endured as a child due to the way she looked. In a world filled with photoshopped perfection, her message to young women is simple – it’s ok to look different.


Photo Credit: Mary Rozzi



Photo Credit: Nick Knight

Along with lending her voice to the Dove self-esteem project at the Women in the World summit, Harlow did a TED talk and discussed what makes someone or something beautiful? she spoke about how important it is for young women to stop comparing themselves to others, because ultimately, there is no mould that we as human beings all fit into. You can see her TED talk here.

Desigual Fall Winter 2015 campaign


Diesel Spring Summer 2015 campaign photographed by Nick Knight


After leaving ANTM Harlow has carved a very successful career for herself, undertaking major ad campaigns for both Diesel and Sprite, and is the current brand ambassador of Desigual. She’s a fantastic role model for women everywhere so give a shout out to Winnie Harlow for just being all-around amazing!!

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2 thoughts on “WOTW: Winnie Harlow

  1. She is truly magical. I adore her courage and strength to open up about her bullying and her message to younger children is incredible. She makes me so happy! Just flicking through these pictures made me feel all fuzzy and inspired. Thank you for featuring her!! restores my faith in humanity majourly xoxoxoxo i love youuuuu


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