LFW SS17: Round-up

The SS17 shows are upon us already. The streets of London have been littered with beady-eyed bloggers brandishing SLR’s, watching the fashion elite being ferried from show to show courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and spotting over-enthusiastic tourists with a smartphone glued to their hand hoping to catch a glimpse of anyone looking remotely famous.

The buzz words on everyone’s lip’s, are of course, “see,now buy,now”. There is no denying that it is, essentially, a massive game changer. Not just for the fact that we no longer have to wait 6 months to purchase our favourite new pieces from our favourite designers but also because this ripple is sure to be felt across the industry as a whole. We are living in an era of ‘on-demand’ and social media has taken Fashion Week from an exclusive show in a far off city into our homes via our phones. In the era of globalisation, it makes no sense that we should wait six months to purchase the latest catwalk trends. It is then, surely, only good business acumen to want to capitalise on the buzz created online and convert that hype into sales. On an interesting note, it also means the high street retailers will no longer have a whole half a year to rustle up their knock-offs!

So, I hear you cry, enough about buzzwords, what about the bloody clothes? and so, here is what we’re most excited about (slight understatement when you’re foaming at the mouth) from this month’s LFW catwalk.

House of Holland

Hold onto your hats people…..the slogan tees are back! 10yrs ago Lancashire lovely Henry Holland burst onto the scene at London Fashion Week with his tongue in cheek slogan tees, ‘Get ya freak on Giles Deacon’ indeed! To celebrate the 10yr anniversary they’ve been updated and are as frivolous as ever. In keeping with current trends, the tee’s are available to buy now on the House of Holland site.

Photo Credit: @houseofholland


House of Holland Spring/Summer 2017 


Photo Credit: @houseofholland 


Photo Credit: @houseofhollandd the

Ashley Williams 

Ashley Williams is going from strength to strength, it’s almost hard to believe her debut show was a meagre 2yrs ago and it’s not even as though she’s climbing her way there. It’s more like she’s swinging her way there, from tree to tree, like a true queen of the jungle. The majority of the models were amateur, bar the odd one or two such as model/activist Adwoa Aboah, and included both males and females. The casting call, posted on Instagram, asked for models of all shapes and sizes and read ‘EVERYONE WELCOME’. A far cry from the bourgeois historically associated with the fashion industry. There was no gender stereotyping here,  lots of androgyny  and boys in floral suits. Fantastic show.


Photo Credit: Anabel Navarro


Photo Credit: Cleo Glover


Photo Credit: Cleo Glover


Photo Credit: Anabel Navarro

Faustine Steinmetz 

Her debut collection used recycled denim sourced from charity shops and had everyone bowled over in one fell swoop. She has since partnered with a Spanish denim mill which has allowed her designs to evolve organically. This collection was every bit as blue as her previous collections but the pieces were much more technical, we also saw monogrammed pieces which is a bit of a thing at the moment!


Photo Credit: Erol Birsen


Photo Credit: Erol Birsen


Photo Credit: Erol Birsen

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi 

London Fashion Week is famed for it eccentricity and the creations of Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi fuel this fire with ease. This collection is like the end result of a liaison in the woods at a secret rave, the  illegitimate lovechild of a 90’s punk and an acid fairy. To sum it up in one word, it was absolutely bangin’.


Photo Credit: Getty Images 


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Photo Credit: Getty Images


Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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