WOTW: Kate Tempest

We’ll be writing about one woman every week that we find awesome. They will be awesome for many different reasons, they might be, writers, actresses, scientists or activists. They’ll be from all walks of life, they’ll be interesting, inspiring and they’ll be absolutely killing it in whatever they do. We hope you can channel their awesomeness to aid and inspire you. 

Kate Tempest

A snippet from the award winning ‘Brand New Ancients’ written and performed by Kate Tempest

This woman surely needs no introduction, the 2013 winner of the prestigious Ted Hughes Award, her debut solo album was nominated for the 2014 Mercury Music Prize and she cites Samuel Beckett, William Blake and Wu Tang Klan as her influences. Kate Tempest, is indeed, a force to be reckoned with and it’s probably not a total shock to learn that she was selected as one of the Next Generation Poets by the Poetry Society.

Kate Tempest performing her poem ‘End Times’

We could spend all day listing her accolades, they are plentiful, but the most inspiring thing about Kate Tempest is her passion. If you’ve been fortunate enough to see her perform you’ll have experienced the electric energy that occupies the performance space in her presence. Her words resonate with the disenfranchised youth of today as she speaks about inequality of the sexes, the London housing crisis, and stresses the importance of banding together to fight for a better world. If she were to start her own gang, we’d want in.

Kate Tempest – Icarus. Recorded in Kate’s house back in 2010. 

Kate Tempest, we salute you, you are our ‘Woman of the Week’ a true inspiration for women everywhere.

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