Wasted Chic

One bright Sunday in mid-October I joined loads of other cool, up and coming brands for the Wasted Chic event at John the Unicorn in Peckham. The recent offering from Antic is rather on the large side, three floors of pub to be exact but Antic are pretty good at bringing something that is a bit more than ‘just a pub’ and this pop-up fashion event on a Sunday afternoon is testament to that fact.

Eager shoppers attacking the rails of The Style Merchants  and An Original Leroy

John, as it is affectionately known amongst the locals is everything you’d expect from a quirky Peckham pub. exposed brickwork, old tiles, mismatched furniture. The playlist is absolutely bangin, everything from TLC ‘no scrubs’ to Busta Rhymes ‘break ya neck’ my 14yr old self knew the words to every song and I was in my element.


Photo credit: Wasted Chic

The rustic pub is the perfect setting for Wasted Chic, the pop-up market originally started out in Shoreditch but has recently begun to venture South of the river. Born from clothing parties in private homes the event aims to bring the party element to shopping, which it does with ease!


Fabulous headwear from Hippy Poppins

The stall holders arrived bright and early. Some earlier than others and some more hungover than others. Within half an hour the pub was beginning it’s transformation from an Aladdin’s cave of clothing into something that resembled a market. A sequin sparkled in the corner of your eye no matter which way you turned and by midday John looked nothing short of a hipsters wet dream.


Around 2pm the monsoon arrived. No, I’m not exaggerating and no it definitely wasn’t ‘just a shower’. As we battened down the hatches and Rye Lane resembled a river, sodden shoppers sought refuge in John and grooved to the bouncing beats of the Wasted Chic DJ.


The lovely Franck at Courant

The rain came and went as did the shoppers and their various purchases of clothing. Within the blink of an eye, it was time to pack up what little garments remained and migrate back to East London. Peckham, you were fabulous as always, looking forward to seeing you again very soon!






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