WOTW: Baddie Winkle

We’ll be writing about one woman every week that we find awesome. They will be awesome for many different reasons, they might be, writers, actresses, scientists or activists. They’ll be from all walks of life, they’ll be interesting, inspiring and they’ll be absolutely killing it in whatever they do. We hope you can channel their awesomeness to aid and inspire you. 

Baddie Winkle

Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle is better known as Baddie Winkle. The 88yr old internet sensation and great-grandmother is nothing short of a legend and has over 3 million Instagram followers to prove it. Her Instagram tagline “Stealing Your Man Since 1928” is  a well known quote amongst millennials.

Baddie burst onto the scene some 3yrs ago after her great-granddaughter tweeted a picture of her in cut off jeans and a tie dye top. The picture went viral overnight and Baddie Winkle was born. Her outfits are a daily inspiration not just for the fact they are seriously trendy but also for the care-free, age defying attitude that Baddie promotes.

She is a regular on the red carpet, counts a host of A-listers as friends and has collaborations with major brands such as Smirnoff and Missguided under her belt. Pretty cool for a great-grandmother! The Telegraph newspaper actually named her “The coolest grandma on the planet”. We’d take that.

Baddie Winkle we stand tall and salute you. Like everyone else on this Earth, we think you are a total legend. Thanks for being you, you are awesome and inspiring.

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