WOTW: Livia Firth

We’ll be writing about one woman every week that we find awesome. They will be awesome for many different reasons, they might be, writers, actresses, scientists or activists. They’ll be from all walks of life, they’ll be interesting, inspiring and they’ll be absolutely killing it in whatever they do. We hope you can channel their awesomeness to aid and inspire you. 

There’s not many people who can turn a red carpet green but Livia Firth is nothing if not charming and formidable. The ethical fashion champion has worked for years on getting the A-list to give a damn about high end fashion that’s not harming the people or the planet. Her dress to this year’s Met Gala was made of pineapple leaf ‘leather’.

An Oxfam Global Ambassador, Livia is the Creative Director of Eco Age – a consultancy practice that advises fashion brands on how to implement a sustainable process and create a planet friendly supply chain.

But it’s not just the plants she’s fighting for – she’s also getting the fashion industry to pay decent wages and treat people who work in the garment factories (who are mostly women) like humans and not machines.

She also mates with big name designers like Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood is a member of Annie Lennox’s The Circle – a powerful group for female advocacy and has won clutches of awards, like the UN Fashion 4 Development Award.

Livia proves that eco doesn’t mean boring and ethical doesn’t have to cost you style. She’s gone in at the top to get the biggest fashion players on the planet play fair. And for that, we salute her.

— Georgina Wilson-Powell, pebblemag

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