It all began one autumnal October evening with a discussion between two lifelong friends who also happen to be mother and daughter, fuelled by Sauvignon Blanc and a love for fashion we decided to take the plunge and quit the rat race. After one false start and buying a domain name we didn’t want to use we decided to call ourselves Enchanted Rebels. We wish there was a profound reason or a cool story behind it but the reality is that there was a lot of brainstorming and ultimately we feel we’re we’re both a little rebellious. Let’s face it, all the best ones are.

Our inspiration comes from women everywhere, your mum, your sister, the girl at all the cool parties, your best friend, the girl next door, you are all unique to us. Since our fave things are music, festivals, and fun (yes that means going out on the old razzle dazzle) we wanted our clothing to reflect this and since my granny always said ‘variety is the spice of life’ we decided to stock a bit of everything. Which is why you’ll find some vintage pieces, some up-cycled bits, some pieces made from organic cotton, some stuff made from recycled fabric, you get the gist. Sustainability and ethics will always be at the forefront of our business model but what we hope is that our clothing will make you want to have fun, because we think that’s what life is for.  Check out our  website to see for yourself.